Thursday, March 15, 2012

GA Business Owner Reportedly Threatened With Fines & Jail Time for… Flying American Flag‏

Some petty official throwing her weight around, by the looks of it
"An Albany, Georgia, business owner probably thought he was merely exercising his rights and exemplifying his patriotism by flying an American flag outside of his business. But when he received a ticket and was threatened with jail time, what started as a simple display of pride for one’s country has now become a legal conundrum.

Apparently Tom Gieryic’s flag, which had been outside of his automotive repair shop for more than three decades, was in violation of the city’s sign ordinance. An enforcement officer apparently told Gieryic that his flag wasn’t up to code.

Gieryic claims that the officer said he could face a $1,000 per day fine and up to 60 days in jail if he refused to comply. But rather than buckling under the pressure and purported threats, he says he stood firm and kept the flag where it was. He decided to take the issue up with city officials and the ticket was subsequently reduced to a warning. Still, officials would like the flag moved by one foot (??).

Gieryic is angry over the government‘s involvement in issues he believes shouldn’t concern officials. He claims that he‘s an American and that he should have every right to fly the nation’s flag wherever he wants, so long as there is no safety issues associated with doing so.

“That flag represents my dad to me that’s no longer with us, it represents our freedom, everything good about our county,” he also said.



Dr. No said...

Mr. Gieryic is of course, correct. There is no legal restriction as to where the nation's flag can be flown, nor when it can be flown. (if at night, a light must shine on it)

This is yet another clear example of what happens when irrelevant little people become public officials, then see themselves as junior Fuhrer's.

But, it's also an example of what can happen when one American stands up for his rights and refuses to be intimidated. It's a lesson tens-of-millions of sheeple in this country should study very closely.

Bird of Paradise said...

Tell the city what they can do with its stupid sign ordanence especialy the city council and the jerk mayor

Anonymous said...

Without more information, this is not an easy one to decide.

It appears from the pictures the flag, when blowing, hangs over the street. If that is the case, the flag may be an obstruction and a safety issue.

Even if one wants to say the flag s not a safety hazard, placing it where cars can hit it, people can grab at it etc is a violation of the flag code which states: "The flag should never be fastened, displayed, used, or stored in such a manner as to permit it to be easily torn, soiled, or damaged in any way."

Also, it seems somewhat disingenuous for Gieryic to say "there is no other good place to put it." If you look behind him there is an entire parking lot.

One wonders why he wants it at that particular location. Perhaps he uses it as a form of advertising for his shop? If so, that is a violation of the flag code as well.

The question that was not asked in the article was whether the size of the flag was changed when it was replaced. The flag position might not have infringed on the right of way before the new possibly larger flag was raised.

I am not backing the city in this one nor am I backing the owner. This is something that may need more clarification to make a fair judgement upon.

Anonymous said...

The issue with flag at the business is that is has been in the same spot for 30 years and every city official has driven past it several times and has never had an issue with it. Now it is an issue because Mr. Gieryic wouldn't back down. If you would like more information on it please look at;; fox 31 albany ga.

Anonymous said...

This guy should run for mayor and fire the assholes.

Go Away Bird said...

Sounds like a great idea there annon 5:18 he should be elected mayor fire the entire city council overturn the sign ordanence and stuff it down the presant mayors throat

Anonymous said...

Having a flag waving might draw attention to his business, but the US flag is NOT a business sign and should not be treated as such. I agree with others that if it is causing an obstruction there is a valid complaint. However, since it has been there 30 YEARS, what's the problem?

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:46 said;
"The flag should never be fastened, displayed, used, or stored in such a manner as to permit it to be easily torn, soiled, or damaged in any way..."

What about burning it?

Anonymous said...

Getting so excited over a piece of fabric is no more sensible than over some printed pages of a so-called holy book like the Koran and using it as an excuse for a riot or personal crucade!

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:54,

What about burning it?

Burning the flag is the proper way to dispose of a flag. "Disposing" is not fastening, displaying, using, or storing.

If you are talking about burning the flag as a protest, while I disagree with the protest, it is protected political speech.