Friday, March 09, 2012

Racist to be proud of one's country?

We read:
"In what is being described as an incident of racism, a school district in Texas has filed a complaint after some rival high school students chanted “U-S-A! U-S-A!” to celebrate a basketball victory. And some of the students involved have now been punished and forced to apologize.

Student supporters at Alamo Heights High School started the celebratory chant after their team clinched a regional championship against San Antonio Edison High School on Saturday.

Edison High School is predominantly Hispanic, and officials at the San Antonio Independent School District took the chant as a racial insult from supporters of the largely white Alamo Heights team.

According to the News-Express, the chant lasted only about five seconds before Alamo Heights head coach Andrew Brewer quickly silenced the students. Nevertheless, SAISD athletic director Gil Garza on Tuesday filed a complaint with the University Interscholastic League, which oversees extracurricular activities in Texas public schools.

Joe “Pags” Pagliarulo — a nationally syndicated radio host based in San Antonio and frequent fill-in for Glenn Beck — on Wednesday blasted the local media coverage of the controversy, saying reporters demonized the “U-S-A!” chant, rather than presenting the story as students misusing it as a taunt.


Taunting the opposing team is very common in sport but woe betide you if the opponents are in a "protected" class


Anonymous said...


Bird of Paradise said...

So now chanting USA,USA,USA is deamed racsist by a group of leftists sludge worms? And what about someone shouting BLACK POWER isnt that racsist?

Anonymous said...

Please tell me: Exactly which race is "USA"?

Anonymous said...

Isn't this a pretty common way to celebrate a sporting victory?
Why did the coach try to shut it down anyway?
Why assume it is about race since both sides are from the USA?
The ethnic background of the students is immaterial - they are both American. Why isn't it ok to be proud of that?

Stan B said...

The "USA" Chant was not used as a celebration - it was used as a "taunt." Some reports have mentioned that the opposing side taunted the Alamo school with the phrase "Alamo Whites" (in reference to the affluent area being called "Alamo Heights" at one time) but that's neither gotten attention nor it it confirmed. If it's true, the USA chant was then a response to a racist attack. Three of the players suspended from the next game are Hispanic. How's that fit in the equation?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a reflection of the US imperialist takeover of former Spanish/Mexican territory.

Anonymous said...

"Edison High School is predominantly Hispanic, and officials at the San Antonio Independent School District took the chant as a racial insult..."

Did anyone bother to see if they're in the country legally? You just know this country is finished when a "formally-patriotic" state like Mexas does things like this.

I always thought that only steers and queers come from Texas. Apparently, it's also anti-American foreigners. AND, they seem to be tolerated!

Go Away Bird said...

And what about LEE GREENWOODS hit GOD BLESS THE USA is that also racsist in the minds of these little dweebs?


It could very well have been intended as a racist chant - but to assume that kids were doing this with a racist attempt because they're from a predominantly white school is racist by definition.

That's the dictionary definition of racist, not the liberal definition which they believe means "white and/or conservative"