Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Must not mention where most Hispanics come from

We read:
"Robert Cluck, the mayor of Arlington, TX, might have accidentally stuck his boot in his mouth recently when, in idle conversation with a local council member, he referred to that member’s constituents as “a bunch of Mexicans.” The Huffington Post
caught this bizarre story:

The Texas mayor approached city council member Robert Rivera outside his office on Feb. 7 in the presence of other city staff to question whether Rivera planned on attending an evening city council meeting, according to FOX 4 Local News.[...]

Cluck questioned whether Rivera — the only Hispanic council member — would be skipping the council meeting, to which Rivera explained that he would be attending the “Latino Elected and Appointed Officials Meeting” instead.

The mayor allegedly responded by saying, “Oh, a bunch of Mexicans.”

At this point, according to the complaint, [David Crow, the president of Arlington Professional Firefighters] said, “I don’t think you can say that.”

Interestingly, even though Rivera was the person the remark was addressed to, he did not file the complaint. Nor is it known who did



Bird of Paradise said...

No free speech in the new amerika

Dr. No said...

So, you can't call Mexicans, Mexicans? Perhaps it's not specific enough? Call them what they truly are, ILLEGALS!

This is what happens when the people of Mexas decided to give their state away. Fact is, southern Mexas is no longer part of the US. It's people, businesses, and public officials, are all foreigners, mostly illegals.

I always thought that only steers and queers came from Texas. Obviously, it's now illegals too!

Anonymous said...

Well wasn't it Mexico to start with?

Anonymous said...

The US stole it like most of North America (apart from forced purchases from France, Russia, Denmark, etc.)and off-shore islands in the Atlantic and Pacific (taken from Spain and native peoples). It even tried to take over Canada too, but failed, but still likes to think it won the "War of 1812" (it was an inconclusive war in terms of goals or meaningful territory gained by either side).

Go Away Bird said...

They used to be called WETBACKS beucase they swam the RIO GRAND RIVER to get here

Anonymous said...

You're in trouble any time you say "a bunch of" about any group, except evangelicals or "hicks", of course.

And to the tired old "stolen land" argument, the Cro-Magnons (aka Early Modern Human) stole the Neanderthal lands too. Cry harder for me.

Kee Bird said...

You sound like a typical liberal annon 7:39 and you sound like you must have lived with the neanderthals as well

Anonymous said...

Really Kee Bird? Liberal? For pointing out the obvious?

Try replace "group" with "bunch" in the following and tell me which ones would not be considered "offensive" if someone outside of the group said it:

o a group of black men
o a group of hispanic men
o a group of gay men
o a group of women advocates
o a group of evangelical Christians
o a group of southern whites

Only the last two would not be criticized by the MSM.

And it was "liberal" of me to basically tell those who whine about land being "stolen" to suck it? It's only been in *very* modern times that the victors in a war didn't demand wholesale territorial concessions. Land has changed hands for as long as there's been someone to stand on it. Criticizing some particular changes that occurred over a century ago as if it is a current crime is laughable.

Anonymous said...

I think he got u confused with 4:41.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, the comment didn't appear to be referring to the councillor's constituents but the Officials who would be attending the meeting.
Secondly, is it possible that the Latino Elected and Appointed Officials might be Mexican? Is sole US nationality a requirement?
Lastly, are you sure it wasn't a complaint about the councillor's sexism rather than the Mayor's issues with race? He did say 'Latino' officials, not Latin or Latina.

Anonymous said...

9:02 So what are you complaining about if Mexico takes back some of its former territory in what is now the US, since you think history proves its just fine or traditional for territory to swap hands all the time.