Friday, March 16, 2012

Town embroiled in political correctness row over whether 'Jew Pond' is offensive name

Is this antisemitic? What's wrong with something being named after Jews?
"For some residents in Mont Vernon, New Hampshire, 'Jew Pond' is just a harmless part of the local vernacular. Yet others fear the name for the local, manmade body of water harks back to a time of prejudice and could be deemed offensive.

Now the town is holding a meeting on Tuesday night to vote on the future of the pond's name, which appears on one map from 1968 but no signs. If townspeople vote in favour, they will ask the U.S. Board of Geographic Names to officially change the name.

The pond, which has been given other names over the years such as Carleton Pond and Spring Pond, first appeared on a map in the 1920s.

It is believed that the pond was originally built as an irrigation source for The Grand hotel that wrote in its brochures: 'Applications from Hebrews not desired.' They called it Spring Pond, but later it became known as Jew Pond when two Jewish businessmen from Boston bought the hotel.



Anonymous said...

"Anything" that jews dislike or disagree with, is considered antisemitic. How else would they be able to still garner sympathy and special treatment.

Anonymous said...

Just spell it "Juice Pond" and be done with all the fake offence!

stinky said...

"Anything" that jews dislike or disagree with blah blah blah...

Well, 20th century history certainly confirms the 'special' treatment, though it was anything but sympathetic.

Serious q: Do you have to be such an obvious troll? Or is this really all you can muster?