Thursday, March 24, 2011

That incorrect doll again

We read:
"They saw it as a harmless stunt to highlight the more hysterical elements of the politically correct bandwagon. But perhaps it proved their point a little too well. Two prospective Tory councillors have resigned from the Conservative Party after being suspended for posting pictures of themselves holding golliwog dolls on Facebook.

Married couple Bill and Star Etheridge, who campaign against political correctness, say they were trying to promote ‘healthy debate’ about whether the doll was a racist symbol. But the pair were summoned before a disciplinary committee after a colleague made a complaint.

Mr Etheridge, 41, who was due to stand alongside his wife for the Tories in the Dudley Council elections in May, has now joined UKIP as he claims his right to express his views is being stifled by the Conservative Party.

He said: ‘We just wanted to stimulate debate and gollies are a perfect example of an innocent child’s toy that’s been transformed into something sinister by the politically correct brigade. ‘We need to get back to a point where people can say what they think and not live in fear. That’s real democracy.’

Mrs Etheridge, 39, a mother-of-three, said she and her husband had wanted to promote debate, not cause offence. She added: ‘It’s just a child’s toy and the politically correct brigade are the ones who have turned it into a racist symbol. I grew up in Bury in Lancashire, so I have a lot of black and Asian friends and as children we had golly dolls and we never once thought of them as racist.

‘Some people say it is offensive, but they’re generally do-gooders who are offended on behalf of other people.’

Golliwog dolls have been around for more than a century and first appeared as friendly characters in children’s books in the 1890s.



Anonymous said...

They were trying to highlight the more hysterical (and idiotic) elements of political correctness, and were done in by it? How typically british. Apparently, the British people are very comfortable with being ruled by PC, else we would hear their rage around the world. Then again, they are used to being ruled, aren't they. That fact should make it a bit easier for them when Sharia Law courts take full control of "their country", rather than just large chunks of it. It should, but it won't. The weak will be the first to lose their heads.

Spurwing Plover said...

The stupidity of political correctness Its just another excuse to for socialism Its time to end this PC poppycock

Stucco Holmes said...

" Its time to end this PC poppycock"

Once you go Mac, you never go back.

TheOldMan said...

I'm offended by the PC fascists so that can means they should be eliminated.

Anonymous said...

2:29 AM I hope you aren't typical of americans or any country for that matter, coz you talk tripe.

Anonymous said...

"I hope you aren't typical of americans"

What do you expect from Wackaloon Central?

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:45, are you offended by the truth? If so, do something to change it. Of course, no amount of change will help the leftist nitwit below you.

Anonymous said...

2:42 PM I am offended by the ignorant remarks made by 2:29AM. So if you are interested in the truth - Do you really think the majority of the ca.60M population of the UK never complain about PC. Which medium is going to broadcast this around the world to eventually reach you in your basement somewhere in the wilds of America (or wherever you hang out). Which are the "large chunks" of the UK where Sharia law is enforced ( and how and for whom is it enforced). In what way are the citizens of the UK "ruled" that is essentially different to another western country (and don't show even more ignorance by suggesting that the Queen actually "rules") ---????

Anonymous said...

"Of course, no amount of change will help the leftist nitwit below you."

You are an abomination, you right wing piece of canine fecal matter.

From now on, anytime somebody steps in a pile of sh*t- it’s gonna be called an ‘Anon2:42PM.’

Your pal, 5:58

Kee Bird said...

Political Correctness a new word for socialism

Spurwing Plover said...

Im tired of the PC nonsense like BCE(BEFORE COMMON ERA) and CE(COMMON ERA) its all so rediclous and stupid