Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Canada’s Carleton University sued for blocking pro-life expression, arresting students

Canada's universities preach tolerance but don't practice it.
"An Alliance Defense Fund allied attorney representing members of a pro-life student group filed suit against Carleton University Friday for repeatedly blocking the group from expressing its views on campus while allowing other student groups to express themselves freely.

“Pro-life student groups shouldn’t be discriminated against because of their beliefs,” said ADF Senior Counsel David French. “The university’s own rules, not to mention Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, prevent the university from crushing the free speech of pro-life students while allowing students concerned about other issues to express themselves in nearly identical ways.”

On Oct. 4, 2010, Carleton University had the two students who are filing suit--both members of the student group Carleton Lifeline--handcuffed, arrested, charged, and fined with trespassing even though they are tuition-paying students.

The students were attempting to display an exhibit that the university administration deemed disturbing and offensive due to the images it used. In November 2010, Carleton University’s administration provided the group with an ultimatum regarding the expression of their opinions and threatened further arrests.

The lawsuit, Lobo v. Carleton University, asks the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to declare that Carleton University and its administration have breached their own internal policies regarding freedom of expression, academic freedom, and discrimination.



Stan B said...

Yes, again it's "Free speech for me, but not for THEE!"

Spurwing Plover said...

I hope the prolife group wins their lawsuit i hope they make those university big wigs eat crow

We The People said...

Most of these socialist countries preach "tolerance". What they actualy mean is tolerance for the left, but no one else.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure "free speech" includes staging graphic visual displays of a gratuitously shocking nature.

Nutcase said...

Truth is neither graphic nor gratuitous, it is simply truth. The fact that you wish to ignore the truth does not make is less true.

Liberals want abortion on demand 24/7 (at taxpayer expense of course) but do not wish to see the results of those abortions. If you wish to “choose” then you have to see the consequences of that “choice” no matter how unpleasant it may be!

Or as I like to tell my liberal friends;

“Truth is like the sun. You can close your eyes to it, but it ain’t going way!”

Use the Name, Luke said...

Nutcase, VERY well said.

I think it's fascinating that the left has absolutely no trouble with allowing, or even causing the horrors in those images. But making the results visible for all to see is somehow too horrible to even contemplate.

It's an interesting parallel with "The Picture of Dorian Gray".

Anonymous said...

A thought occurred. What if the picture was of a prisoner in Iraq that was bloody and beaten. Very disturbing and gratuitous in their goal of trying to end the war to the point that it would be suppressed by the campus?

Something tells me otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure their display was not filled with pretty pictures. They were merely showing abortion for what it is and it's not a pretty picture. I guess its easier to be an ostrich and stick your head in the sand than face the truth.

Anonymous said...

A lot of women haters here. Go back to your parents' basements.

Anonymous said...

Pictures, photos and graphics give only give a view or angle on the "truth" (and what is truth someone quite famous once said), and usually used to give an impression or as propanganda of some sort.

Use the Name, Luke said...

Anon 3:23,

What are you trying to say?

Anonymous said...

Oh Canada, so Ann Coulter can't speak, pro-lifers can't speak, I guess only leftists can speak.

The Fashion of Qaddaffi.

Col. Kurtz said...

"Oh Canada, so Ann Coulter can't speak, pro-lifers can't speak, I guess only leftists can speak."

You're speaking. (They do have the internet in Canada, you know).