Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Must not mention Obama's father?

That Obama's father was an extreme Leftist who hated the British is a matter of record but the Leftist writer below finds all sorts of deep and devious reasons why anybody would mention that.

How about a really simple reason: Obama was obsessed with his father (He authored a book called "Dreams of my Father") so it is reasonable to suspect that he has similar views to his father. It is after all not at all unusual for fathers and sons to have similar views -- though there are exceptions to every rule of course
"Huckabee, to the surprise of most everyone, started squawking that President Obama grew up in Kenya, where he was influenced by his father’s and grandfathers’ anticolonial Mau-Mauism to despise the British Empire—and, by implication, all white power.

Only after being called out did the Fox News host say he “misspoke” on the growing up in Kenya part

All this garbage started last year with Dinesh D’Souza’s repulsive headliner for Forbes, which maintained that Obama’s “anti-business” policies could be explained only by his “Kenyan anti-colonialism.”

But here’s a simpler theory: The right spews this bizarre “anticolonial” claptrap because it gives them a chance to say “Mau Mau,” which conjures a more fearsome threat than the N-word itself.


The Leftist writer above would probably not have known this but political attitudes are to a considerable extent genetically inherited. Even if a son knew nothing of his father, he would still be highly likely to have similar political views to his father. If your father was a miserable whiner, you are likely to be a miserable whiner too.

Update. Two small personal notes

I suspect that I got my political values from my father. He was a kindly man but hard work was his religion. "Bludgers" were the lowest of the low to him. He would have regarded the welfare parasites who infest most of the developed word today as not much better than maggots.

And my son is also conservative, though less emphatically than I am. He has however recently moved to an elite university to do his doctorate in mathematics and that university is a hotbed of socialism. So he has quizzed some of the socialists around him and is amazed at the shallowness of their thinking. So encountering real socialists has definitely moved him in a direction that I approve of.


Anonymous said...

Jon, your philosophy about fathers and sons is not correct. I am now 83; when I was young my parents were both liberal and flirted with the Communist party for a while. My mother was the Communist candidate for Governor of Maine in 1940; she even got a few hundred votes. My poor father was shocked when I came home from college after army service and was a confirmed conservative. He really believed that Socialism was wonderfull. Perhaps some boys are strongly influenced by church indoctrination.

Anonymous said...

Inherited temperament is often expressed in very different ways according to the prevailing environment, especially the one encountered as an impressionable young person.

Spurwing Plover said...

Obamas father was as sinister as his mother two anti-christian mother and their rotten son

Anonymous said...

"Obamas father was as sinister as his mother two anti-christian mother and their rotten son"

Huh? Birdbrain spews forth yet again. Thanks for the entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Moochchelle said her husband was born in Kenya. I guess the iman is not happy with his moooselim past.

Anonymous said...

We don't really know how much of an influence Obummer's father had on him. But we do know that as a young adult, he surrounded himself with radical Communists, Marxists, and Socialists, and was deeply involved with all of them. In fact, many of them are still his advisors. To think they didn't have a very strong influence on his thinking, actions, and ideology, would be very foolish, and dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second. Doesn't anyone here realize that Huckabee WAS COMPLETELY WRONG IN HIS ANALSYS?

He started by stating that President Obama's return of Churchhill's bust was considered an insult, but it wasn't because the bust was on loan and needed to be returned. The bust was given to Bush by Blair and was supposed to be returned by some date.

Then he used that to segue into a discussion about Obama's childhood in Kenya with his father and his father's experience during the Mau Mau revolution. And then to say he misspoke, doesn't make any sense, unless you acknowledge that Huckabee has no idea what he is talking about.

If Huckster had said that his time in Kenya and going to a madrassa helped to shape his experiences in a way that is different, that would be one thing, because that was what happened when he went to Indonesia. But this guy went on a long tirade about things that could not have occurred unless he was completely ignorant of what he was speaking about, or he intentionally spoke to mislead people.

So basically, he's an idiot or he is intentionally lying.

Anonymous said...

odamna is not worth defending. This bowing and shuffling parasite needs to be put in the dust bin of history next election.

Anonymous said...

No, he needs to be re-elected because a nation of weak mindless sheep don't deserve any better. Obama and his handlers will put an end to capitalism, democracy, and many of the liberties Americans enjoy. And they're so stupid that they'll just sit there and let it happen while watching TV shows. Fools are meant to be taken advantage of, especially weak fools.

jonjayray said...

Mr 83

You failed to note that I acknowledged exceptions to the rule