Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wren cross follow-up

We read:

"A campaign has been started at the College of William and Mary in Virginia to shake up the school's governing Board of Visitors after a debacle involving the display of a donated Christian cross in the historic Wren Chapel.

Lance Kyle, AB '89, contacted WND after it reported that a local independent newspaper had called for the Board, which runs the school, not to renew the contract of college President Gene Nichol, who triggered the fiasco.

His decision to arbitrarily remove the cross from its historic display setting launched a petition with more than 18,000 signatures of school alums, students and supporters who wanted it return. It also triggered the cancellation of a planned donation of $12 million.

Now Kyle says perhaps the Board of Visitors, whose members are appointed by state officials, also have some answering to do.


I previously commented on this matter on March 2nd.. There is a website here about the whole controversy. Another previous comment on this blog was on Feb. 12th.. There was an extended comment on the matter at STACLU in February.