Friday, April 06, 2007

More projection

Those who condemn followers of the God of Love as being haters are just accusing others of their own dark motives. Homosexual entertainer Elton John is just one more example of these sad "projectors":

"CNN Headline News ran a repeat of Glenn Beck's March 27 show, which showed footage of some of the images that ran behind Elton John during his elaborate 60th birthday bash at Madison Square Garden that included a burning church. This is the same man who said that religion promotes hatred and "it's not very compassionate." Beck discussed the very tolerant and "compassionate" concert:

On Sunday, he performed -- it`s the lord`s day -- at Madison Square Garden with this image running behind him. Yes, that would be a burning church. Now, I know you`re at home thinking, "Gee, Glenn, isn`t Elton John the guy who said he`d ban all religion because it turns people into hateful lemmings?" Yes, same guy.