Sunday, April 29, 2007

Racist death threat from blacks -- but no mention of "hate speech" or "hate crime"

We read:

"Boston police say they are keeping close tabs on the head coach of Brighton High School's baseball team after two teens allegedly threatened to execute him to stop his testimony against one of them, the Herald has learned.

The two Brighton High students, Brandon Smith, 18, of Dorchester and a 16-year-old Hyde Park juvenile, were arraigned Wednesday on charges of witness intimidation and threats to commit murder.

Coach William Mahoney, 65, awoke to an obscenity-laced cell phone message on April 18, warning him, "(Expletive) (expletive), come to the (expletive) basketball team (sic), you (expletive.) (Expletive) baseball team. You (expletive) white (expletive). Hope you die, white trash. I am going to shoot you in the head at the next basketball (sic) game . . . baseball game," according to police and court records....


But blacks cannot be racist, of course. Silly me! Even when that hotbed of the KKK -- the California judiciary -- does oppressively prosecute blacks for racially motivated assault, the blacks are of course given much lighter sentences than whites who commit hate crimes. See here, for example.