Wednesday, April 04, 2007

"Go back to where you came from" is racist?

It is in Britain:

"A man who shouted racist insults at Muslim worshippers outside a Cumbria mosque has been jailed for six months.

Bryan Cork shouted slurs including "proud to be British" and "go back to where you came from" outside Carlisle's Brook Street mosque.

He pleaded guilty to racially aggravated harassment on 30 November at the city's Crown Court on Tuesday. Judge Paul Batty, QC, told Cork, of Thompson Street, Carlisle, that racism in any form would not be tolerated.


Australians who encounter "whingeing Poms" (complaining Englishmen) among the people they meet are quite likely to tell the Pom concerned to "Go back to where you came from". While that remark is undoubtedly critical, it is hardly racist as the Australian concerned will himself most likely be of British descent.

But Muslims must not be criticized, of course.