Sunday, April 01, 2007

Movie History Incorrect

Looks like Britain is not the only place where it is forbidden to show blacks as having different speech patterns:

"Come Tuesday, Walt Disney Video will release a Platinum Edition DVD of the ever-popular "Peter Pan." Five weeks ago, the company retired three other classic cartoons, including "Bambi."

Disney's long used a cycle of absence and plenty to keep its films fresh to new viewers. In decades past, it re-released its films in theaters every few years; today, it rotates its videos like bakery stock. All but one.

Alone among the great Disney features, "Song of the South" has never been released on videotape or DVD in the United States and hasn't been screened in a stateside theater since 1986.

Despite Academy Awards, groundbreaking technology, a black leading man and a script that often turns racial stereotypes on their head, the 1946 movie has been damned as an embarrassing throwback, a whitewash, the racist skeleton in Disney's film vault.

Its critics home in on the dialects that leave the lips of its black stars and cartoon characters - dialects that even the movie's fans allow are over the top - and its aw-shucks, all-smiles depiction of Reconstruction on a Georgia plantation.


And the film actually depicts blacks and whites coexisting HARMONIOUSLY! Can't have that! Southern whites must be evil oppressors and blacks must be suffering victims!