Thursday, April 26, 2007

Popular Conservative Site Blocked as "Hate Speech"

We read:

"American Airlines' Admirals Club has installed software that blocks access to, the Internet's leading independent news site, for reasons of "hate" and "violence."

It's the second situation regarding a computer block WND has encountered in recent weeks. Earlier, the military provider that makes Internet services available to U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine bases worldwide admitted that WND had been blocked. A WND reader reported that he had tried to access the news site at the airline's facility for priority customers at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport.

Jarrod Reswebber, a spokesman for the airline, said the "people there" told him the issue involved filters on the system. He said airline officials now have begun working with the vendor who runs the filtering system, a third-party company, to submit the WND address for "consideration."


How "considerate" of Mr. Reswebber! How many other conservative sites are being blocked by the same software?