Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Cornell students protest parties as racially insensitive

Must not mention borders!

"Cornell University students held a rally Monday to speak out against student parties they called racist and oppressive.

The rally was in reaction to two parties in March by Greek letter organizations.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon threw a party with the theme "International Borders" where partygoers were issued visas that allowed them to travel across borders depicted by yellow caution tape.

Lambda Chi Alpha threw a party with the theme "South of the Border," where invitees were encouraged to wear "sombreros, ponchos and Mexican mustaches."

The local chapters for both organizations could not be reached by phone on Monday.

Student organizers behind the rally called the parties racially insensitive.


If Mexicans had been depicted as smooth urban sophisticates that would have been fine of course. Fiction trumps reality!