Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Ever-Spreading Definition of "Racist"

If you speak ill of anything ASSOCIATED with blacks you are are a racist, apparently. It's no defence if you actually don't mention race at all.

A school board member was speaking of reclaiming money from the parents of problem kids. He said:

"I don't care if we have to sue and all we get is that Cadillac or their SUV that they bought out of their SSI money, the crazy money," Katsanis said. "If that's all we get, that's enough."


SSI refers to the federal Supplemental Security Income program, which provides parents with money to take care of their children with disabilities. There is a perception that it is often ripped off by people who have other sources of income.

"On Thursday, however, School Board member Alvin Boudreaux released a written statement criticizing the comments. "His remarks were insensitive and border on the line of prejudice," said Boudreaux, the board's lone black member.

So talk of ripping off a welfare program is automatically about blacks, apparently. What does that tell you? It sounds to me like a black stereotyping blacks.