Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Australian Police use Ethnic Labels: Horrors!

Must not mention Muslims, even indirectly:

"NSW police use the description "Middle Eastern" too frequently in media releases, skewing the perception of crime rates and contributing to racial tensions, a report says. The service constantly ignores its policy on the use of ethnic descriptions and has even issued releases referring to suspects wearing balaclavas as being of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern appearance, the report by the Australia Middle East Christian Council found.

The report said up to two-thirds of the police media releases that mentioned ethnicity referred to suspects of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern appearance. This was a disproportionate use, said Peter El Khouri, a member of the council and former Liberal Party candidate. "There is a perception that the Middle Eastern community, Australians of Middle Eastern background, are significantly responsible for crime in the state," said Mr El Khouri, who is of Lebanese descent.


How awful it would be if people got enough info to actually identify a wanted felon! Fortunately, the police concerned are apparently going to continue with their policy.

It's so much easier in the USA. If no racial description is given, you assume the perp is black -- unless he has an Hispanic name, of course.