Monday, April 02, 2007

Motherhood is "Nazi Talk" in Germany

We read:

"A former top German television newsreader has been accused of evoking the Nazi era with a campaign to encourage women to choose motherhood instead of emancipation and highflying careers. Eva Herman, 47, is urging women to leave the workplace and embrace a pre-feminist ideal of home-making, cake-baking and child-rearing to save a country with one of Europe's lowest birth rates: 1.3 children per woman....

Feminists [Lesbians?] have been incensed. One of the fiercest critics has been Alice Schwarzer, a feminist campaigner and magazine editor, who described Herman's theories as "gibberish between a Stone Age bat and a Mother's Cross" - the Nazi medal of honour awarded to mothers of more than three children.


As ever, the real Nazis are in government in Germany. They seize homeschooled children off their families.