Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Twitter Censors Chevron Play

An email from Phelim McAleer


We are facing a backlash - just because we want to tell the truth.

Twitter is now trying to stop us from spreading the news about my new play. Yesterday my wife Ann, who is a producer on the The $18-Billion Prize, created a Twitter Moment to try and bring attention to the show.

But Twitter intervened and made sure no one could retweet the tweet, in fact they couldn't even view Ann's tweet because according to Twitter it contained "potentially sensitive content".

Yup - that's right - a play that is almost exclusively relying on court transcripts is not safe for sensitive eyes. They really do not want the truth out there.

This is disgraceful but unfortunately it's not surprising. Twitter and the left just don't want the truth to be known. The $18-Billion Prize has faced opposition from the moment I decided to bring it to San Francisco. No one would rent us a theater and not one publicist or lighting designer in the whole city would work with us. They want to shut down the truth but I'm not going to let them.

The show will go on. We are going to have our preview on Friday night and our grand opening on Saturday but we need your help to ensure this happens. Please go and buy a ticket and if you can't make it to San Francisco give a donation - you can buy a poster or a script. Anything you give will be used to ensure the truth about how the world's biggest fraud was carried out by "environmentalists" and how the mainstream media supported them in their deception.

The mainstream media are trying to ignore the play - we haven't had one request for an interview even though they promoted the fraud all along. Now that I'm exposing the fraud they all want to look the other way. So let's make sure the coverup stops here. Please go to and make sure the truth can get on stage in San Francisco.

Phelim McAleer


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What is the fraud ?

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