Tuesday, May 15, 2018

NZ: Auckland politician Derek Battersby apologises to fellow board members

His comments on Asian drivers, women and police shootings were widely condemned by politicians and political commentators.  A Stuff poll showed nearly two thirds of the public thought he should resign.

Battersby apologised shortly after the posts came to light, and he later sent a formal apology to his fellow politicians that has now come to light.

Whau Local Board member David Whitley said Battersby's apology was enough as it humbled Battersby by turning around and saying he had made a mistake.

"He can be a grumpy old man."

Whitley said Battersby had made a lot of effort in the community and it was a bit over the top for someone who has done so much.

Whau Local Board member Catherine Farmer said Battersby's apology only came about because he was forced to recognise his own behaviour.

"Until then he believed his behaviour and words were completely acceptable which they weren't."



Anonymous said...

What is the point of the picture with the article ?

Bird of Paradise said...

If their all Bord Members they need to liven things up a bit