Thursday, May 10, 2018

People with disabilities are not disabled people -- go figure

AN ADELAIDE television host who offered to organise a charity event for children with disabilities has been criticised for the language he used in his Facebook post.

Andrew ‘Cosi’ Costello is the host of Channel 9’s South Aussie With Cosi travel show and is a former breakfast radio host.

He was a contestant on the 2008 season of The Biggest Loser and has won several awards for his documentary reporting on homelessness.

On Monday, Costello posted a message to his 100,000 Facebook followers, offering parents of children with disabilities a free day out at the movies.

“I’m looking for 50 South Aussie families living with a child with a disability. I want to shout you all a free day out at the movies! If you have a disabled child or even better, tag anyone you know in this position that deserves a free day out,” he wrote.

“I’m lucky enough to have healthy kids so I want to help those that find life a bit harder with their kids. Life’s tough for these SA families so I’m pumped to be able to ease the burden for a few hours.”

The post was accompanied by a photo of Costello with one of his daughters.

But the radio host has been criticised for using the term “disabled child”.

He was contacted by a parent of a child with a disability, who recommended he amend his post to use the phrase “children with a disability”.

“I know you mean well, but can you please at least consider using appropriate language,” the woman wrote.



Anonymous said...

we all have some sort of disability[ need glasses, clumsy etc] so if they are not disabled but have disabilities, then, either we all should have accommodation for ourselves or no one should. all the special efforts to help them should disappear. or we could face the fact that sometimes a person is disabled and maybe can't do everything a non disabled person can do and stop pretending and face reality.

Use the Name, Luke said...

"That is appropriate language you [insert genuinely inappropriate language here]!"

Anonymous said...

So now we can't say "disabled children", but we can say "children with a disability?"

Here in the States, we can no longer say "colored people", but we can say "people of color."
Just don't tell the NAACP who should change their organization to NAAPOC.


Bird of Paradise said...

Disabled and handicapped persons can do a lot quite a lot including Think which liberal collage snowflakes cant or wont do

Paul Weber said...

These are only "words" people. If we can't use words as they are defined in the dictionary then we aren't going to be to communicate!

Anonymous said...

This gentleman has paid for an entire cinema to show a film for disabled children and their families - and all some people can do is focus on the words he uses?!?
People have become too stupid to live.
I have an autistic child. Some people prefer to say that he has autism - not that he is autistic.
Stupid semantic squabbles change Josh not one whit. It neither makes him less autistic, nor more neurotypical.
Why waste the time and energy on something so unimportant.