Sunday, May 20, 2018

Seaside bakery is blasted over 'political correctness' for selling Gingerbread People rather than traditional Gingerbread Men

A bakery has sparked a debate on political correctness after re-branding its Gingerbread men 'Gingerbread people'.

The owners of High Street bakers JL Bean in the seaside town of Cleveleys near Blackpool decided to make their biscuits gender neutral last year.

But the decision has recently caused a backlash, with some customers claiming it is political correctness gone mad.

Jeff Dugdale was astonished when his wife told him about the new rule at the bakers, which was founded in 1933 and is the oldest in the town.

He told the Blackpool Gazette: 'Seemingly now you have to call gingerbread men 'gingerbread persons' when ordering. 'As far as I can see there is no law in place for this type of PC nonsense.'

His wife asked for a gingerbread man she was told it 'wasn't a gingerbread man' but a 'gingerbread person' and 'that was how they had to be advertised'.

Over 100 regular customers then took to social media to complain.

Bakery boss Paul Lewis told the newspaper: 'My wife just put this little 'gingerbread persons' label on them as a whim, and that was last year.

'It was never anything to do with political correctness and we've not really had any comeback until now.

'I noticed the comments on Facebook and most of them were quite jokey but I was surprised at how seriously some of the people were taking things. I think maybe there's been a bit of a misunderstanding.'

Wife Charmaine Lewis added: 'It was nothing meant by it. It was tongue in cheek.



Bird of Paradise said...

Just wait for liberals to rewrite popular kids book from The Gingerbread Man to the Gingerbread Person

Anonymous said...

ordinary people dont want to be patronised by the politically correct. We know how to speak our own language

Anonymous said...

It was tongue in cheek.

Liberals do not understand tongue in cheek !!!