Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Gap tries to appease Chinese regime over t-shirt map that omits other countries

The clothing retailer Gap has apologized to China for not recognizing its territorial claims on a T-shirt featuring a map of China sold in North America, The Washington Post reported.

The shirt featured a map of China that leaves out the self-governing nation of Taiwan and also a region China calls ‘Southern Tibet,’ in the region bordering India. …

The company also said it would work to avoid such mistakes [sic] in the future by strengthening its review of products.”


China demands that its myths be respected


Anonymous said...

The best way to handle such problems is to not put national maps on clothing!


Bird of Paradise said...

Produsing a TShirt witha map replacing North America with China is as bad as Absolute Vodka prodeing the map which showed the west coast of the USA as part of Mexico