Thursday, May 17, 2018

Australia: Hardline feminist Clementine Ford's Lifeline speech is CANCELLED after thousands demanded the charity remove her as keynote speaker for tweeting 'all men must die'

Clemmie is a troubled soul.  On her own admission she had a mental health crisis recently. Definitely not someone to be advising others

Suicide prevention group Lifeline has cancelled an event featuring hardline feminist Clementine Ford after a petition against her appearance attracted almost 14,000 signatures.

A petition, set up last month, argued her previous tweets saying 'kill all men' and 'all men must die' made her unsuitable to address the 'Recognise, Respond, Refer' event in Melbourne on May 29.

A Lifeline spokesman Alan Woodward said the event, which was to be moderated by former Ten newsreader and Australian #MeToo campaigner Tracey Spicer, was cancelled because they regarded it as 'divisive'.

'The decision was made following feedback we had received and our assessment the event had drawn strong views,' he told Daily Mail Australia on Tuesday morning. 'We felt we couldn't proceed in the spirit of open discussion as intended.'

One woman questioned how Lifeline could give her a platform, considering many men with mental health problems relied on the service.

'It's hard enough for men to call a helpline to talk about how they are feeling,' she said on the Facebook page of former Labor leader Mark Latham. 'Now I feel men may not utilise this important lifeline for them.'



Anonymous said...

Actually they need to question why they thought such a person would be a good speaker in the first place.

Yes, she hadn't said what she said when they made the decision but I'd bet there were a number of clues they ignored in what she was already known to have said that should have clued them in.

Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Liberals are nuts crazy femnists are even more danderous then BLM and the NBPP

Anonymous said...

Clementine Ford is deliberately and outrageously provocative - its how she makes a living and remains in the public consciousness.
I don't really support disinviting her - but I agree she wasn't really an appropriate person to be invited in the first place.