Sunday, May 27, 2018

Tourists in "racist" KFC clash

I think I know what went on here.  In my experience, blacks in restaurants DO tend to speak loudly and inconsiderately by Northern European standards. It's an exuberant culture -- whereas in Northern Europe it is a major value not to bother or intrude on other people.  Germans are not used to tolerating black culture

KFC is involved in a scandal after police in Berlin were called on a group of British tourists in one of their restaurants “for being black and talking too loudly”.

The group said they were told to leave for being too loud — but they claim they were doing nothing wrong and were targeted because of their skin colour.

Staff at the KFC branch said the tourists had been throwing food and insulting staff members, leaving the manager no choice but to “protect staff and guests”.

Kellon Pierre, 38, who was part of the group, said they weren’t throwing food and that the allegation was a “huge lie”.

He also accused the police who arrived at the scene of “gross over-reaction”.

Five police cars arrived at the restaurant in Berlin during the incident on Monday.

German police flatly denied any accusations of racism.

In the video, officers who arrived at the scene can be seen trying to reason with the group and eventually escorting them out of the restaurant.

They can be heard telling the group in English to “go out right now”.

Throughout the video the officers tell the woman filming to put down the camera but she refuses, saying she has a right to film for her own safety.

German police said they were planning to press charges for being filmed without their consent.

As she leaves, the woman filming tells diners in the restaurant that they are being kicked out “because we’re black”.

Pierre told Die Welt: “We were the only black people in the restaurant and we were the only ones asked to be quieter, even though other people laughed too.”

Outside the restaurant, an officer says: “You wait here. Nobody goes home. I want a passport off everybody.”



Anonymous said...

Blacks should stop working so hard to be "black".

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the classic Chucky Cheese behavior is worldwide now. Not good, but Germany has bigger problems.

Bird of Paradise said...

Quit sweating about the Small Stuff and tell Calypso Louie to Go Pound Sand