Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Syracuse University expels fraternity involved in racist video

It was intended for private viewing only.  It was so extreme that it should have been obvious that it was satirical.  It was ridiculing racism.  But satire is often lost on the Left.  They are too full of rage to have much of a sense of humor.  Extreme abuse -- as at the White House correspondents' dinner -- is their idea of funny

Syracuse University has permanently expelled the Theta Tau fraternity after footage emerged earlier this week of its members participating in a racist and anti-Semitic skit, Chancellor Kent Syverud said in a video statement Saturday.

Theta Tau leadership was informed of the university's decision earlier Saturday, Syverud said, noting the school had suspended the fraternity soon after being made aware of the footage, which he called "racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, ableist and sexist."

Students on the Syracuse campus this week were outraged after The Daily Orange, an independent student newspaper, obtained and posted a video in which a fraternity member makes another one swear to hold onto hatred for African-Americans, Hispanics and Jews, using racial slurs for those groups.

Later, another student, using a derogatory word for Jews, makes a veiled reference to gas chambers in Nazi Germany



Bird of Paradise said...

Just another liberal run University to have the moola cut off by 100%

Bill R. said...

One of the funniest movies ever, Blazing Saddles, could not be made today. It's a friggin' shame!

Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Bill R. Yeah PETA idiots would object to him punching the horse

Anonymous said...

Apparently talking sh*t is no longer allowed - even at college.

Anonymous said...

If it was indeed meant to be a parody - how does this not excuse the behaviour?
If it was a parody they were DENOUNCING these types of attitudes, not supporting them. Isn't that a defence?