Thursday, May 24, 2018

Miss USA pageant commentator star Carson Kressley has come under fire for comparing the event to a novel about a woman forced to choose between her son or daughter's life in Auschwitz

Sarah Rose Summers from Nebraska beat 50 other women to win the crown at this year's Miss USA competition.

As the contest was narrowed down to the final competitors, the former Queer Eye host said: 'It's like "Sophie's Choice!" They're all so good. But I think I can make some choices.'

Kressley then reeled off a list of the various states whose pageant winners were in the final to supermodel Lu Sierra, who was hosting the coverage, from Shreveport, Louisiana, with him and she swiftly moved the conversation on.

One Twitter user pointed out: 'Miss USA pageant commentator just said choosing between the 15 finalists was like 'Sophie's choice.'

'Just as a reminder, "Sophie's Choice" is a movie about a woman who was forced to choose which of her two children to save and which was sent to the Auschwitz gas chamber.'



Anonymous said...

I think that the phrase has become part of the lexicon. I've heard it used to describe other "Dammed If you Do" choices not knowing the original connotation.

Stan B said...

The problem as I see it is that the language has been normalized but the weight of the decision that "Sophie" faced in the movie is lost on those who may use the phrase. Picking finalists in a beauty pageant in no way compares to choosing between children to be terminated - and it DOES trivialize the suffering of anyone who has to make truly hard life-and-death choices.

That being said - it's an opportunity for education, not belittlement or retribution.