Tuesday, May 01, 2018

France deports radical Islamist preacher accused of hate speech

France on Friday deported an influential Islamic preacher whose mosque in the southern city of Marseille was shut down last year over accusations of hate speech.

The expulsion of Algeria-born El Hadi Doudi back to his home country came after his appeal with the European Court of Human Rights was rejected earlier
this week.
Doudi, 63, had long been on the radar of Marseille police, who considered him an "authority" on Salafist interpretations of Islam, a Sunni branch which demands a strict conservative lifestyle.
While a majority of Salafists disdain violence, some followers embrace the use of force to promote their beliefs.
France has been wrestling with how to counter the influence of extremists after a string of deadly jihadist attacks by people later found to have moved in Salafist circles.

Several members of Doudi's mosque -- one of Marseille's largest before its closure in late 2017 -- are suspected of having gone to fight alongside jihadists in Iraq and Syria in recent years.



Bird of Paradise said...

Looks like France is finaly getting some backbone Now all we have to do is have all liberals deportrd to the Gobi desert

Anonymous said...

Accusations of hate speech is no reason to shut down any place of worship.
Recruitment of terrorists - different story.