Thursday, May 03, 2018

Black College sends stern message to person sending hate speech to transgender students

Probably fabricated hate speech -- notes actually sent by the alleged target.  Blacks have been implicated in a number of such episodes

ATLANTA — Nearly a week after students at Spelman College say messages of hate were left at their door because one of them is transgender, another note surfaced on April 30.

After discovering the note, Spelman College sent a letter to students and staff denouncing it.

Last week, 11Alive's Natisha Lance spoke to two students who were the targets of the hate speech.

"We don’t want you. F*** you freaks. Keep Spelman safe. No queers."

Spelman senior Amber Warren said she found that hateful note directed at her scribbled on a piece of ripped lined notebook paper.

"I’m just hurt because I feel like I worked so hard to create safe spaces for everybody," she told 11Alive. "Even though I did all this work, it’s not about individuals, it’s really about unity."

Warren is the president of Afrikete, the historically black women’s college LGBTQ organization. She said it was not the first message of hate directed toward her. Warren said the first message came at the announcement of pride week.

"Keep your (transgender slur) out of our bathrooms thanks," she remembers the message saying.



Anonymous said...

I bet she did it herself trying to make her group relevant.

Anonymous said...

I see no reason to accommodate people with twisted minds.