Tuesday, April 03, 2018

The Golliwog saga continues

A shopkeeper has refused to stop selling golliwog dolls despite receiving complaints saying they're racist.

Antiques store Upstairs Downstairs in Faversham, Kent, stocks a selection of the black-skinned dolls, which have exaggerated lip features and frizzy hair that many consider offensive.

Golliwog dolls were designed as minstrel-men replicas and were once common in the UK until the 1970s.

Faversham resident Gavin McGregor blasted the dolls, which were once a mascot for Robertson's jam until 2001, as a symbol of racism and said that the shop is an embarrassment to the town.

Local James Brown wrote online: 'Regardless of whether it's legal or not I find it astonishing that he cannot see that in this day and age it's tasteless.'

Owner of Upstairs Downstairs antiques Andy Wilkinson said he had nothing to hide, claiming that the dolls are popular with customers.

Mr Wilkinson said: 'Golliwogs are collectables, they're just part of history - It's not racism.

'I find it quite weird how everything has got to be offensive, people of my age remember having them as toys.

'I have sold lots and lots of gollis and as soon as they come in they go out again.'

'We have got standards, we wouldn't sell anything that we found offensive at all.

Faversham residents remained steadfast in the row, with many taking to the internet to voice their support of the dolls.



Anonymous said...

I think they are adorable. If I ever get to England or Australia, I'm going to buy one!


Anonymous said...

those that do not remember their history are destined to keep stepping in it.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the days when if you didn't like something, you didn't buy it? Now days, If I don't like it, no one is allowed to buy it.

Anonymous said...

Even if they are 'tasteless', so what?

Anonymous said...

It is a stretch to imagine that they look like black people.

Bird of Paradise said...

A David Hogg voodoo doll to stick pins into sell the dolls and each one comes with a free set of pins