Monday, April 09, 2018

The Atlantic Fires Conservative Writer Over Abortion Views

The Atlantic fired Kevin Williamson on Thursday over past comments he made on abortion, ending the conservative columnist's time at the magazine only two weeks after the publication hired him.

The Atlantic‘s editor in chief, Jeffrey Goldberg, informed the publication's staff of Williamson's departure via email, according to multiple press reports.

Goldberg's initial decision to hire Williamson as a columnist last month drew rebuke from liberals, who argued that previous columns Williamson wrote for National Review, where he worked before The Atlantic, showcased racist sentiments. They specifically cited a 2014 column in which Williamson "described an encounter with a young black boy using racially loaded terms like ‘three-fifths-scale Snoop Dogg' and describing the boy as a ‘primate,'" the Daily Beast reported.

Critics of the hire also cited a tweet in which Williamson wrote that "the law should treat abortion like any other homicide." The writer added that hanging would be an appropriate punishment.


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Bird of Paradise said...

The Atlantic is just another liberal leftists rag just like TIME,NEWSWEEK and ROLLING STONE to cancil your subcription