Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Libs are boycotting a D.C. steakhouse over a Patagonia hat

Great publicity for Patagonia.  They make caps for climbers and other outdoors folk but their main market is no doubt poseurs who would like to be thought of as outdoorsy. So perhaps it was poseurs who were objected to.  That would include a lot of Democrats

Adrienne Elrod, former director of strategic communications for Hillary for America, is angry at the Del Frisco’s Grille in D.C., apparently over the establishment’s dress code which didn’t approve of her Patagonia hat. And now there’s a boycott of the restaurant brewing:

What’s even funnier is that @DelFriscosResto — the target of the angry boycott tweets  — is in Canada, not D.C. Maybe Hillary avoiding Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania makes more sense now that her supporters can’t even find the right restaurant to boycott?

Complaining about the wrong restaurant on Twitter while complaining that a restaurant has a dress code you CHOSE to not obey. Let me guess...blame a #Deplorable? This is WHY we know Dems are out of touch with the guy in back cooking, washing dishes, etc.

Thankfully, they have since figured out which restaurant to boycott:

 Yea girl! Though to note, it is @dfgrille in dc that is terrible. I look forward to visiting the friendlier @DelFriscosResto in Quebec!

Exit question: Why not just take off the hat?


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Bird of Paradise said...

Frankly Elrod needs to go Soak their Head and Get A Life i hope this Steak House has a boost in costumers and the anti police Coffee House loses costumers