Monday, April 02, 2018

Diversity Task Force Ditches Reference to Puritans in 'Fair Harvard' Song

The song "Fair Harvard," written by an alumnus in 1836, has stood the test of time with two revisions, the most recent one coming this week.

The final line of the song -- "Till the stock of the Puritans die" -- now reads, "Till the stars in the firmament die."

According to the Harvard Crimson, a university task force on inclusion and belonging decided last April to hold a competition to replace the song's final line, which was deemed out of step with Harvard's "Veritas" motto.

The new line about stars in the firmament was selected from 168 entries.

Harvard University President Drew G. Faust was quoted as saying in an email that she will "proudly give voice to the song's new final line -- and its recognition that the pursuit of truth and knowledge belongs to everyone at Harvard, from all backgrounds and beliefs.”

Faust also said she wants to make other symbols, including public art on campus, more inclusive.

This is not the first revision to "Fair Harvard": In 1998, the word “sons” in the song was replaced with the word “we” to address concerns of gender inclusivity, the Crimson reported.



Paul Weber said...

Revisionist history at work...

Bird of Paradise said...

Screw diversity Screw DACA screw screw tide pod eaters screw liberals screw the democrats,screw David Hogg screw March for our lives we just saw mass stupidity in action

stinky said...

I strongly suspect that the Puritans ... the real ones, not the subsequent caricatures thereof ... would, if they saw what Harvard has become, be quite happy not to be associated with it anymore.

Malcolm Smith said...

This puts a new light on the term, "Faustian bargain".

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Our campuses are being taken over by leftists its to to cut their budgets by 100% and save that money for American Families and our vets rather then squandering it on these leftists indocrination centers