Sunday, April 15, 2018

Anti-abortion poster censored and removed in Rome

A huge anti-abortion poster featuring an 11-week-old foetus in the womb has been censored and removed today in Rome.

It appeared close to the Vatican City on Thursday. The message said: ““You were like this at 11 weeks. All your organs were present. Your heart was already beating from the third week after conception. You were already sucking your thumb. And now you’re here because your mother did not abort you.”  The initiative has been launched by the Pro Life association “Pro Vita Onlus“.

The pro-life initiative sparked outcry from pro-abortion group on social media and also a left-wing Member of the Parliament Monica CirrinĂ  attacked on Twitter: “It’s shameful that posters against a State law and the right of women to choose have been allowed to appear on the streets of Rome. It should be removed straightaway.”

To be noted that not the same outcry sparked when blasphemous posters have appeared in Rome illustrating a ‘pedophile’ Jesus Christ and Holy Mary pregnant thanks to ‘surrogacy’. The figures have appeared in the official bus stops managed by ATAC, the public transport company of the Municipality of Rome.


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Use the Name, Luke said...

Ads stating things that are 100% provably true (easily proven, to boot): Unacceptable statements which must be shut down immediately.

Ads that are intentionally insulting with absolutely no evidence for their claim: Just fine.

Bitter is sweet. Up is down. Day is night. Truth is lies. Slavery is freedom. Lies are truth.

I'll be honest. I simply cannot understand such an aggressively anti-truth mindset.