Sunday, April 08, 2018

Roseanne Barr slammed for offensive Hitler photo shoot, producer urges audiences to ignore it

COMEDIAN Roseanne Barr has been slammed for controversial photo shoot in which she dressed like Hitler holding a tray of gingerbread men in front of an oven.

The pictures, which were taken in 2009 for a satricial Jewish magazine called Heeb, have garnered attention online after the star returned to the public eye last week with the reboot of the sitcom Roseanne.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the concept was Barr’s idea, and the images were criticised when they first came out.

Barr, who is Jewish, addressed the issue in 2011 during an interview on The Green Room with Paul Provenza, saying she didn’t know why people were so upset over the images.

When Paul Provenza said, “Jews went crazy over this. Understandably,” Barr said she didn’t think the reaction was understandable.

“I don’t think understandably. It really pissed me off. Because they were like ‘you’re making fun of the people in the ovens’, but I’m not making fun of people in the ovens.”

She said the message she was trying to send, was about how many holocausts have occurred since Hitler was in power.

“Moving off this Holocaust. There’s been about fifty of them since then. That’s what I’m kind of trying to say. Is like, Jesus Christ it’s so fucking every day now, holocausts, it’s like baking cookies,” she said.

Some Twitter users don’t agree, however, saying despite its satirical nature, the photos are “offensive and obscene”, while others threatened to boycott the TV station that airs the show.


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Bird of Paradise said...

Mao was a worst mass murderer then Hitler the commies were far worst then the nazis