Friday, April 20, 2018

ESPN going to court over announcer accused of calling Venus Williams a ‘gorilla’

At the 2017 Australian Open tennis tournament, ESPN commentator Doug Adler described Venus Williams’ game as having a “guerrilla effect.”

ESPN (and many on social media, who savaged Adler for his perceived insensitivity) heard it as “gorilla effect,” widely considered a racial slur when directed at black athletes.

Adler, for his part, apologized, saying he “simply and inadvertently chose the wrong word” and claiming that he meant no offense to Williams or black people in general.

ESPN, though, wasn’t satisfied and promptly let him go.

Now, Adler is getting his day in court. Adler is suing for wrongful termination on the grounds that ESPN’s reaction to the viral outcry led them to fire him for something he didn’t actually say.

“They didn’t have good cause and I didn’t do anything wrong,” Adler told NBC’s “Today“ last August. “They killed me, they made me unemployable. They ended my career, they killed my reputation, my good name. What else was I supposed to do?”



Anonymous said...

It seems that the ignorant frequently mis-hear legitimate words.

Dean said...

In the liberal mind there is no difference between guerilla and gorilla. It's all a matter of hearing what one wants to hear.

As in the instance of our cat and her kittens. As she was a quite small cat, her kittens were also. So the two of them, a male and a female, were referred to as the itty bitty kitties. The name stuck, and one, the male, was named Itty, and the female, Bitty.

I took all kinds of flack from a feminist for naming the female Bitty because, as everyone knows, 'biddy' is a term for an obstreperous woman. No amount of explanation as difference in spelling and definition of the two words made any difference. She heard what she wanted to hear and took the opportunity to be outraged.

Bird of Paradise said...

Liberals dont have much of a a mind anymore its been destroyed over the years of using drugs and booze