Friday, April 13, 2018

Facebook still discriminatory

Diamond and Silk, two pro-Trump commentators, have scored a significant concession from Facebook after the social media site labeled their videos “unsafe to the community.” The pair say their social media traffic was doing great but that suddenly it had been throttled in recent months, with many users no longer able see the pair’s content on their newsfeeds.

After months of attempting to reach out to the social media giant, they finally received a reply, stating that their content had been deemed “unsafe,” causing the video creators, Lynnette "Diamond" Hardaway and Rochelle "Silk" Richardson, to come forward. But Facebook may finally be changing its tune.

A Facebook spokesperson told Fox News, “We are aware of this issue. We are reaching out to the creators of Diamond & Silk to try and resolve this matter.” That was after the pair appeared on Fox to raise the alarm bell over the throttling.

The concession stands in stark contrast to how Facebook dealt with its labeling with a Wikipedia description that it is a “far-right” news outlet that is “intentionally misleading,” a description that now appears on every post Breitbart puts on Facebook like a scarlet letter.

It has no resemblance to reality. Breitbart is fairly mainstream publication where conservatives can go to get news. One might disagree with what they put out there, but they are accountable to facts and have a thorough editorial process. Yes, it publishes opinion pieces, but those are held to similar standards and there isn’t a newspaper that doesn’t have editorials. They have done nothing to be labeled political extremists by Facebook, but there it is.

In the meantime, Facebook hosts pages for Antifa groups all over the world, a group whose stated tactic is to commit political violence against its opponents. They bear no such moniker as “violent” or “unsafe” or even “far-left” even as the group is under active criminal investigation for its many attacks.

There is absolutely a double-standard at Facebook.



John Seavey said...

If it wasn't for double standards progressives would have no standards at all.

Paul Weber said...

Why do I think Facebook's reaching out to Diamond & Silk goes something like this...

Facebook: "If you two would simply start bashing Trump this would all be resolved."

Anonymous said...

Facebook is a publicly listed company. It is not the government and is not obliged to allow anyone to use their service in any way (subject to general non-discrimination law).
If you don't like what they do you have multiple options:
1. Don't use it
2. Buy shares and go to the AGM and complain
3. Shut up and do nothing.
Up to you.