Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Australian Olympic legend Kerri Pottharst apologises for calling Caribbean beach volleyball players 'human lamingtons covered in sand'

A Lamington is a popular Australian small cake.  It is a cube of sponge cake coated with chocolate icing and sprinkled with dessicated coconut

A volleyball Olympic champion has apologised for making a racial slur while commentating at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

Kerri Pottharst was pulled up after she said the Saint Kitts beach volleyball players looked like 'lamingtons' when the sand stuck to their sweaty bodies.

They look like 'human lamingtons covered in sand,' the 52-year-old said on the live broadcast of the games.

Pottharst has since apologised and said didn't intend for the comment to be racist.

'I made a comment I unreservedly apologise for and sincerely regret,' she said. 'It was 100 per cent not meant to offend.'

The remark caused outrage on social media calling for the 2000 Olympic gold medalist to get the sack from the Channel Seven coverage.


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