Wednesday, April 11, 2018

'Listen here chocolate lips': A bad thing to say

A Victorian Councillor has been suspended after making a racist comment on his social media account. City of Hume Councillor, Steve 'Jack' Medcraft posted a link to his Facebook page  mocking an example of police brutality in Victoria.

He referred to the victim, who is of African appearance as 'chocolate lips'.

'Now listen here chocolate lips if you are going to rob someone there are consequences,' the Facebook post read. 

The man he was referring to was having a psychotic episode and assaulted several people before attempting to hold up a pharmacy in Preston.

CCTV footage showed the man was beaten, kicked and stomped on by Victorian Police Officers in 2016.

The representative later removed the post from social media and apologised for making the comment.

'I never intended any hurt or malice towards others, nor did I appreciate that my comments did not reflect well in my role as a Councillor or a community representative,' he said. 

The Councillor was pulled aside by the Hume Mayor, Geoff Porter and has since been stripped of the Indigenous Support portfolio, suspended for two council meetings and agreed to take cultural diversity training



Anonymous said...

Some people do not use good sense.

Bird of Paradise said...

Most all liberals open their mouth before their brain kicks in and they say dumb things

Anonymous said...

Suspending a councillor punishes the people he is supposed to represent far more than the councillor