Thursday, April 05, 2018

Security ordered to eject fans at the Masters who say this popular phrase

If you are fortunate enough to attend the Masters, you’ll want to deftly avoid using Anheuser-Busch-inspired lexicon.

According to golf reporter Bryce Ritchie, decision-makers at Augusta National Golf Club are cracking down on unruly fans this year.

Just been told security staff at Augusta National have been handed a sheet with a list of sayings that are prohibited. I'm told "dilly dilly" is one of them. Patrons who shout out these phrases will be "removed" immediately

Yes, the viral Budweiser commercials that featured the phrase “dilly dilly” have now become a top target for Masters officials.

It's truly is remarkable that in today’s social media age, something as simple as “dilly dilly” has picked up so much cultural momentum and heft.

But Masters officials seem to be over the phrase, and are reportedly telling the security there to remove any patrons that dare yell “dilly dilly.”

That’s not a small punishment, either. Aside from the indignation of getting kicked out of a very public event, a cursory glance at StubHub reveals that the “cheap” tickets for the major golf event start around $1,600. That’s a good chunk of change to lose out on simply for reciting your favorite tagline from a beer commercial.



Anonymous said...

Why do people follow beer commercials ?

Anonymous said...

I have never heard that commercial or commercials, it's amazing how few commercials you have to put up with when you don't watch TV any more.