Thursday, April 26, 2018

Australian government doing nothing to stop violent hate speech

Leading political commentator and columnist for The Australian Janet Albrechtsen is calling on the government to protect our values before it’s too late.

In recent years the government has turned its focus on prosecuting people for “offending or insulting” others but turns a blind eye to speech that actually incites violence.

Ms Albrechtsen gives Alan several recent examples across Queensland and New South Wales that cannot be put up with.

One poster says “legalise the execution of jews” another says “join your fellow faggots” alongside an image of a gay man committing suicide.

“These are words that incite violence and yet the NSW Government has done nothing, even though it’s promised on so many occasions to do something.

“They know that legislation doesn’t work. Because if it did work it would be used on so many occasions to shut down words that incite violence.

“This is not about hurt feelings, this is not about insulting someone, this is about inciting violence.”



Stan B said...

Quick Question. Has the "join your fellow f-slur" poster incited anyone to actually kill themselves? Has the "legalize the execution of jews" poster actually lead anyone to attack a jew violently?

Incitement - the action of provoking unlawful behavior or urging someone to behave unlawfully.

So only the first poster can be labeled "incitement." And only if suicide is illegal. The second one is a call for a change to the law, so that their behavior is NOT illegal if they carry it out or encourage others to carry it out.

I know these are semantic differences to some people, but the entire law rests on semantics.

Anonymous said...

Is Australia going the way of England ?

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Open your nations borders and this is what you get and to think Hollywood airhead Matt Damon want America to copy Australia and confiscate all privately owned guns just before his putird movie The Great Wall bombed in the box office

Anonymous said...

British historian David Irving has been banned from Australia since 1993 simply because of his views on WW2. And what does Janet Albrechtsen have to say about this? Nothing.