Thursday, July 14, 2016

"Plus" is a risky word

An Instagram post shared by ASOS has sparked controversy after the fashion e-tailer labeled the model pictured as  'plus sized'.

The image, showing 28-year-old size 16 Naomi Shimada wearing a summery slip dress, quickly garnered hundreds of comments, with the majority slamming ASOS for its choice of words.

Enraging fans further, the retailer then removed the 'plus size' label, deeming the term 'uncool' and 'whack' - despite this being the name of one of its clothing ranges for sizes 18-30.

When the initial photo surfaced, @jasmine.persson wrote: 'It's not just those who aren't plus size that are offended.

'I was plus size I'm offended by everyone always having to use those terms when describing someone! Why does it need to say that she is plus size? Can she not be pretty either way?'

Meanwhile on Twitter the outpouring of fury continued.

‏@christiana_gabi added: 'Oh @ASOS you f-d up! I've been spending my plus size money with you for 10 years, but I guess I'll take my whack plus size elsewhere.'

And @PBbutterflies complained: 'WOOOAAAHHH @ASOS - what happened!!!! I thought you guys were on #plussize fashion in an epic way. Then you go & basically discredit us!'

When ASOS proceeded to removed the 'plus size' tag, the complaints continued to roll in.

ASOS struggled to react to commenters, with the most recent post reading: 'It's a really interesting debate - we label petite, curve, tall and maternity on our site to help people find the best fit for them.

'Some of our community find 'plus size' empowering which is awesome, but we know that others find it offensive, which we don't love.'



Anonymous said...

Complainers can always find something to be enraged abut for no good reason.

Anonymous said...

And if you are a plus sized petite you are really out of luck. The professionally aggrieved will never be happy because every time you get a "code" word like plus for overweight eventually someone complains about it being a negative connotation. Unfortunately many of the "all about me" generation (which compose most of the professionally aggrieved) get no exercise and are "Plus" sized.


Anonymous said...

How about labelling it fat? Maybe that would drive home the point. You could also have a minus size called skinny. The do gooders want to regulate every thing in our diet so why don't they regulate the labels with their thoughts?

Bird of Paradise said...

Whining liberals need to go soak their heads in Mono Lake

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

When it comes to intelligence a parrots smarter then some so called honor students and Alfred E Neuman look more intellgent