Friday, July 22, 2016

Italian restaurant sees surge in business after posting controversial 'Black Olives Matter' sign

The owner of an Italian restaurant in New Mexico says he’s seen a surge in business after posting a billboard that featured a food-centric pun playing off the Black Lives Matter slogan.

Rick Camuglia, owner of Paisano’s in Albuquerque, posted what he thought would be a well-received joke on the marquee sign in front of his restaurant last week. It read:


Eager to promote the seasonal fish dish, Camuglia also posted a picture of the sign to his restaurant’s Facebook page.

But the restaurant owner never expected the post to go viral.  “It wasn’t a mistake to put up the billboard,” says Camuglia, “but it was a mistake to post it on Facebook.”

Within hours of Paisano’s post, Camuglia says the page was flooded with negative comments and the restaurant was inundated with phone calls.

“People were calling us racist. Saying we were a white supremacist restaurant. Some got really derogatory and just started cursing me out.”

Despite the virtual vitriol, Camuglia says there’s been a major upside to the post—big business.

“Our phone has also been ringing off the hook with people making reservations. People are placing carry-out orders in the high hundreds,” says the restaurant owner. “And they’re asking for black olives on everything. Black olives on the salad, ‘I’ll have extra black olives on my sausage sandwich’—we’ve had to order more from our supplier.”


In my observation, Italians -- and I grew up among them -- are usually hearty people with a good sense of humor, but political correctness seems to be difficult for them worldwide.  It's just not in them.


Anonymous said...

I have observed for many years that Liberal have no sense of humor.
The only things that seem to amuse Liberals are somethings bad for normal people.

Bird of Paradise said...

liberals are whining little twats who sit up all night listening to the trees scream when their cut down orprotesting aganst the exiction of a convicted killer by lighting candles or have STOP THE ARMS RACE NOT THE HUMAN RACE bumper stickers on their cars becuase liberals are total idiots

Anonymous said...

Political correctness is not inherent with most people. Just the few who wish to force their opinion on the rest of society. It is amazing how many minorities have been able to change democracy by shaming people who should not be ashamed. It is time for the majority to take back the moral high ground and tell minorities to get stuffed.

Anonymous said...

Black lives don't matter, at least to other blacks. A look at the crime stats of any major US city, Chicago being a particularly good example, illustrates that quite well. What matters to me is justice: not affirmative action, revolving door, criminal record as long as your arm, liberal pansy justice. Just plain old blind justice. Anything that ridicules BLM, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the Democrat Party and all the other race hustlers and black supremacist groups out there, whether intentionally or unintentionally, is a good thing.

Spurwing Plover the Fighting Shorebird said...

Politcal Correctess(PC)is just another name for Socialism

Gooniebird said...

Face it black folks you do enjoying putting pitted olives on your finger tips becuase olives are Fun Food

Anonymous said...

Black Tea Matters