Thursday, July 21, 2016

Calls for intervention over Sydney girls’ school gender neutral language policy

A LEADING Sydney girls’ school’s decision to eliminate gender-specific terms from its teachers’ vocabularies has prompted calls for sackings and government intervention at the exclusive institution.

Teachers at the prestigious northwest Sydney school, Cheltenham Girls High School, have been asked to stop referring to students as “girls”, “ladies” and “women”, and use only gender-neutral language, The Daily Telegraph today reported.

The request was put to teachers at a staff meeting earlier this year discussing the implementation of the Safe Schools anti-bullying program, the newspaper reports.

It was suggested to teachers that by using such language they could be seen to be breaking the law and could be at risk of being sued by LGBTI students.

Discussing the article on Sydney radio station 2GB, talkback shock jock Chris Smith described the arrangement as “deplorable”.

“They’ve been scared into doing this by whoever’s pushing that twisted bible the Safe Schools program, and they’re scared of somehow being sued,” he said.

Smith took calls from listeners calling for the minister responsible to step in and the teachers, principals and administrative staff to be sacked and the school taken over by administrators.

He said if the school was serious about its new language policy, it should take its signage with white paint, eliminating the world “girls” from its title.  “You just wonder what world we’re talking about, we’re talking about our suburbs,” he said.



Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

They need to sack all those PC fools and bring back some Common Sense around

Anonymous said...

Socialism run amok. Time to get the communists out of the education system.

Gooniebird said...

No More to the National Education Association(NEA)their the biggist of the Indoctrinators

Christina7 said...

So when do they change their name - Cheltenham GIRLS High School. Clearly they need to change it since there are no girls attending. Can't have a girls high school with no girls. Pathetic mentally confused idiots. Parents should take their daughters out immediately, let's see how much Cheltenham teachers (and I use that term ironically) support PC rubbish when they no longer have a job.

Bird of Paradise said...

Annoying whining liberals with their irritating high pitched voices need to get laringitis for a week