Monday, July 11, 2016

Australia: Must not describe a conservative as a "master politician"

Lisa Wilkinson has brushed off online criticism after being slammed by Twitter users for praising John Howard as a 'masterful politician' during a speech where he defended the Iraq war.

The Today Show host took to social media on Thursday to laud the former Prime Minister with praise as he responded to a scathing British report which ruled that the 2003 conflict was ill-informed.

Mr Howard, who was Prime Minister when Australia joined the UK and US in invading the Middle Eastern country, defended his decision on Thursday, insisting there had been 'no lie' behind the military action which at its peak involved 1,400 Australian troops.

Tweeting as he spoke, Ms Wilkinson said: 'This press conference by former PM John Howard is a reminder of what a master politician he was. And still is.'

Within minutes she was lambasted by social media users who said: 'He led us into a war without a UN mandate. How's that masterful?'

The presenter returned to Twitter defiantly to slap down critics' comments about her opinion of Mr Howard, reminding them she had herself protested against the war.

'Can e/one pls (sic) untwist their knickers over my tweet re John Howard being a masterful politician. I marched against the Iraq War. Enough said.'

By 2006 there were 1,400 Australian military personnel serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mr Howard remained Prime Minister until 2007, a year before troops began withdrawing from the conflict zones.

No Australians were killed in battle but two died while in the region in separate accidents. 



Anonymous said...

Very surprised by her comments given she is married to one of Australia's most prominent outspoken socialist journalists. In other words, he's an arsehole.

Dean said...

Never, ever, show admiration for the abilities of someone with whose ideas you disagree. Just close your eyes to your opponent's abilities, follow the flock and do your best to find flaws with them. (That's sarcasm, by the way.)

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Just call Liberals whiners while conservative kids quit whining after a certian age liberal kids never stopped their whining and still whine today

Anonymous said...

2:45 Australia's Liberals are conservatives. The left wing Labour and the Greens are small 'l' liberals aka progressives. Confusing isn't it?