Sunday, July 24, 2016

Australia: More naming nonsense

John Batman was the founder of what we now know as the city of Melbourne -- and a Melbourne park is named after him.  It's a very modest tribute to an important pioneer but some whites  claiming to be Aborigines want to change it to something just about nobody would recognize. They want to dishonour John Batman preciselty because he was the founder of Melbourne. 

It's all part of the Leftist need to wipe out all knowledge of history.  Like Pol Pot they want the present to be a year zero so that people have no past to learn from.  A knowledge of the past is of course very destructive to Leftist claims

To attain their aims on this occasion, they are exploiting the kindness of the average Australian to claim that the name Batman is offensive to Aborigines.  Because of that kindness the name change will probably go through. The current matter is all very trivial in the great scheme of things but at some point attempts  to erase history must be resisted.  The past matters.  It is an important tutor.

"Wurundjeri Tribe Land Council spokesman" Ron Jones is as white as I am

THE renaming of Batman Park is moving ahead, with the establishment of a naming committee and the proposal of three possible Wurundjeri replacement names.

Darebin Council last week unanimously voted to establish a Batman Park Renaming Committee to explore the dumping the use of John Batman’s name for its association with indigenous dispossession.

The explorer convinced indigenous elders to sign a treaty trading more than 200,000ha of ancestral land for blankets, flour and other goods in 1835.

Councillor Trent McCarthy said the push to rename the park in the spirit of reconciliation was “a terrific way forward”.
Wurundjeri Tribe Land Council spokesman Ron Jones at Batman Park. Picture: Stephen McKenzie

“It is a really powerful conversation, and quite an emotional conversation to be a part of,” Cr McCarthy said.

Councillor Julie Williams said it was important for the council to work with the Wurundjeri Tribe Land Council to find a more suitable name for the park.

“I think it’s really important that our Wurundjeri people have a voice,” Cr Williams said.

At the first of four public meetings held to discuss the name change, three Wurunjderi replacement names were suggested.

The names include two former Wurundjeri leaders present at the signing of Batman’s treaty, Be Be Jern and Billibellary, along with the last girl born on the Coranderrk Aboriginal Reserve in Healesville, Gumbri.

Darebin Council and the Wurundjeri Tribe Land Council last month renewed the campaign for the electorate of Batman and Batman Park to be renamed.

Land council spokesman Ron Jones last month said using Batman’s name in the area where the treaty was signed was a slap in the face to the indigenous community.

In an online Leader poll of almost 2000 readers, just 20 per cent agreed that the name Batman should be dropped.

There will be three more community discussions regarding the name changes.



Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

This PC nonsense just gets more stupider each time you hear about it just like those idiots from PETA wanting towns with such names as SLUAGHTERVILLE,HAMBURG,TURKEY and FISHKILL to change their names to such stupid names like VEGGIEVILLE,VEGGIEBURGTUFURKEY and FISHSAVE Liberals are such idiots

Anonymous said...

Lefties like Trent McCarthy like to make fun of white male Australians and Australia's white history. I might chuckle at his ashtray yarn if a well balanced person told it, but its not healthy humour on his part, its actually just ridicule. Hatred trying to be funny.

The picture of the church with "LET'S END FAMILY VIOLENCE" printed over it is not a coincidence. It is deliberate suggested association. Lefties do that sort of thing all the time. Lefties hate the Christian church more than they hate anything else.

Anonymous said...

I don't give a shit, it's still Ayres Rock not Uluru.

Olaf Koenders said...

When are these councillors going to grow a pair and tell 'em to bugger off - no name change? The names aren't important to the Wurundjeri either.

"Land council spokesman Ron Jones last month said using Batman’s name in the area where the treaty was signed was a slap in the face to the indigenous community."

Really? Why are we only hearing of this now? They've had what - 100 years to protest this? They're taking advantage of the current stupid PC fad and going for every little thing they can, knowing we dare not be "racist" and offend them.

Chuck 'em back in the bush if they're so "indigenous".

Anonymous said...

In the southern US they are rapidly removing all monuments to southern leaders because they are all "racist" and supposedly promote racism and white supremacist movements. Progressives like all socialists and communists want to rewrite history.


Anonymous said...

At what point do we declare 'enough is enough'? If this bullshit keeps going then there will be a civil war.