Monday, July 18, 2016

Must not joke about a Latino festival being different

When Connecticut radio DJ Gary Craig walked into Hartford's Latino Fest, he felt like he was entering a "parallel universe," according to a now-deleted YouTube video.

Throughout the video, Craig makes a series of racist, ignorant remarks regarding the festival. As he pans his camera across the crowd, Craig says, "I don't know what the hell this is."

He then proceeds to yell, "Help! Help!" as he walks past a number of Latinos while speakers play music in Spanish.

When the host walks up to a piƱa colada stand full of Puerto Rican flags, Craig says "Now I don't have to go to Cuba!" He then proceeds to sing, "I love Lucy and she loves me," a song that Cuban actor Desi Arnaz used to sing on I Love Lucy.

Victor Luna, Latino Fest's founder and organizer, called the video "disappointing, shocking and uncalled for," the Hartford Courant reported. The Courant later ran an entire editorial condemning Craig and his video.

Hartford mayor Luke Bronin called the video "repulsive and bizarre," and said "the festival was everything I love about our city," a local Fox affiliate reported. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Hartford is 44% Latino.

The Courant also reported that city councilman Julio A. Concepcion called the comments "completely insensitive and degrading."

"Whether made in jest or not, his racist undertones are absolutely inexcusable and should be condemned by his employer," Concepcion said.vv


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Bird of Paradise said...

Free speech prophibited in case it might offend a bunch of illegal aliens(Future demacratic voters)and soon the U.S. Constitution will be toaly replaced by various UN treaties