Sunday, July 10, 2016

Jokey sign about traditional sex-roles attracts ire

An international piano competition has attracted controversy after they displayed a 'rude and sexist' sign at their opening night performance at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

The sign read: 'A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man'.

The sign was displayed outside the Gala Opening Night Concert of the Sydney International Piano Competition of Australia, which is on from 6-23 July and attracts pianists from around the world.

It prompted some angry outbursts on social media, with people taking to the competition's Facebook page to voice their disappointment.

One person wrote: 'I was shocked and appalled to see this was part of the decorations for last night's event. I'd like to know who on earth decided that this was appropriate for display. What a shame to tarnish the reputation of such a lovely competition. Disgusting.'

Another said: 'Reminder, it's 2016 people. We're better than that', while another person wrote that the sign was 'utterly appalling'.

The competition issued an apology on their Facebook page, saying:

'We would like to formally apologise to our guests that we may have offended last night at the Gala Opening Concert with a sign that featured our logo and a very rude and sexist quote.

'This sign was not approved by the Sydney International Piano Competition office and was removed immediately after it came to our attention.'


No sense of humor


Anonymous said...

Reality is not Politically Correct.

Anonymous said...

If the sex roles were reversed would the same sense of offence still occurred? I doubt it. The sign is still appropriate in 2016 as men unfortunately are still forced to be the bread winners. It is time women got off their arse and earned more to support their men.

Bird of Paradise said...

Political Correctness is mass stupidity of liberal idiots

Anonymous said...

he he he, it's funny because it's true. I have long worked in feminist dominated fields, and although they profess to hate capitalism, the "patriarchy" and the "glass ceiling", greedy western society and wealthy businessmen and corporations, they themselves often make "jokes" about finding a wealthy man to look after them. Ironically, they are all quite wealthy women themselves, because they receive high wages from gov't funded jobs with lots of lurks and perks which they arrange themselves, and they work far less hours than their positions prescribe. But they are ungrateful creatures, incapable of recognising let alone counting their blessings, they are perpetually irritable just below the surface, ever ready to take offence at the usual words and expressions of thought that offend feminists/leftists. They work cunningly to destroy their own society and culture. They are like termites nibbling away at the house of freedom and individual accountability, desiring its eventual collapse and levelling. That aim gives them their sense of purpose. They are mostly gov't funded psychologists, social workers, and various sorts of community "welfare" program designers and implementers. They portray themselves as society's most good and caring people, and most really believe themselves to be, (although there are smart ones amongst them who are fully conscious wreckers and they manipulate the dumber emotional do-gooders who make up the bulk) but actually they are mostly hypocrites, advantage takers and quite nasty underneath. They can't help it though. Leftists have a cognitive dissonance at a deep seated belief level in relation to themselves and society, the psychological mechanism's natural reconciliation of which drives their thinking and causes their problems. They are an interesting psychological study. The feminists occasionally flirt with me but I know them and their game better than they do. I have seen many men fall for their traps. Some of them are married to wealthy men, and many are divorced or unhappy because the man they married has been injured, or become unemployed or has had to take lower paid work than when they married him, or they are unhappy because they now earn much more than he does which often causes them bitterness and angst. Only Friday while busy typing at my desk in the open plan office, one of these feminists on one side of me announced to one on the other side of me, as if joking,(feminists/leftists say many a true word in jest) "Oh, I wish a knight in shining armour would come along and look after me forever." The one on the other side of me added, "Yes, we can hold onto hope." There followed a fanciful conversation between them and across me about their desiring wealth, not having to work and being looked after forever by a man. Between them I kept vigorously typing and doing my muttering to myself, occasionally stopping to frown, stroke my chin and look intently at the computer screen while quietly mumbling and making barely audible gorilla noises. One who isn't in the office much, said, "We shouldn't talk across G like this." The other who is there more often, added, "He can't hear us, he's typing; he can't do something and listen to someone at the same time." To which I made a slightly more audible gorilla grunt, sat up straighter and looked around as if my attention was broken by hearing my name, and let my mouth hang slightly open while scratching my belly. They laughed between each other as if I didn't get their joke. I looked mildly bewildered, mumbled and went back to typing, with the single minded attention of us poor males. Ah, the fun of being an undercover conservative amongst feminists.

Spurwing Plover the fighting shorebird said...

Liberals are not for real their just nasty trolls that eat their peas with their knives