Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Must not suggest precautions against crime

Police were forced to apologise after officers giving a talk about sexual consent handed out a leaflet to teenagers titled 'R U ASKING 4 IT?'

Teachers had to stop the talk at North Bristol Post 16 Centre after outraged pupils were brought to tears as they accused Avon and Somerset police officers of 'victim blaming'.

Police have since apologised for the brochure which left the talk 'spiraling out of control' and admitted it was 'nearly ten years out of date'.

Kizzie Tims, 16, who attended the talk with 50 fellow students, said: 'The leaflet was about personal safety - robberies and muggings - but was not appropriate when taking about rape.

'It was not the most professional talk and at this age we are very sensitive about these sorts of issues.

It was handed to pupils at the school in Cotham, Bristol, at a police event called 'Only Yes Means Yes' last week.

The leaflets are believed to have been printed in 2008 following a spate of attacks on Clifton Down.

Police have since apologised for the talk and giving out the old leaflets.

Chief Inspector Marie Wright, force lead for rape and sexual assault, said: 'Any suggestion that a victim of rape or sexual assault can ever, in any way, be to blame is totally unacceptable and is the exact opposite of the message we've worked so hard to get across through our 'This is not an excuse' campaign.

'Our stance couldn't be clearer and the students were right to challenge the incorrect message.



Anonymous said...

Po widdle snowflakes. It's a hard world out there and even harder when willful ignorance trumps personal safety.

Anonymous said...

Some girls will go where they should not.

Anonymous said...

This ridiculous issue really is an example of feminist insanity.

Anonymous said...

No-one ever asks for or deserves to be raped - but that doesn't mean you should wilfully put yourself in danger.
The police are constantly telling us to lock our doors and windows. Telling young women (and occasionally men) to avoid potentially dangerous situations is no different.

Bird of Paradise said...

Delicate sensitive little snowflakes must be protected so their sensitive little feeling are not upset by certian words that make them go WAAH,WAAH,WAAH,SNIVEL,SNIVEL,SNIVEL

Anonymous said...


And yet here you are crying that people stood up, and spoke out against the ridiculous suggestion that women "ask to" to be raped.

Apparently that sensible push back offended you little sensitive feelings.

Poor widdle baby.

There is a difference between saying "be mindful of the situations you put yourself in" and "you asked for that."

The pamphlet was off the wall, totally wrong and very inappropriate. It shows a mindset that is bizarre as it says that the police's thought pattern when dealing with a rape victim includes whether "she asked for that." What a horrible message and mindset to have if you are a LEO.

The kids in this class apparently have more brains and guts than the police and some people here.

Bird of Paradise said...

Anon 2:31 I am not crying moron i'm annoyed at liberal whinders

Anonymous said...


So you are annoyed at people 1) expressing their thoughts and 2) making a valid point.

I guess since you are annoyed at what the kids said, you agree with the question or premise that people "ask for it" and specifically women "ask" to be raped.

As a supposed conservative, one would think that you would want to stand up for the idea that rape is wrong and no woman ever "asks" to be assaulted or raped. As a supposed conservative, one would think that you believe that criminals are responsible for their action.

Apparently you don't think that.

In fact, since it is liberals who constantly try and shift the blame for their illegal and immoral actions, one can only believe that you are a liberal.

It is always liberals who try and shut down discussion on things and here you are, trying to do the same thing. Classic liberal strategy to mock rather than to say something intelligent.

You have met the enemy, and it is you.