Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Must not suggest women are worse at skiing than men

Toyota has been called out for sexism after one of their advertisements at a ski resort suggested women are not as good at skiing as men.

The banner for the Toyota Kluger that was on display at Thredbo, in New South Wales' Snowy Mountains, recommends the easiest 'green' runs for children, the 'blue' intermediate run for mums and the most difficult 'black' routes for dads.

Sydney mother Romy Krassenstein, 41, posted the initial photo at the ski resort and said she was was 'embarrassed'.

'My son actually saw it yesterday and said...Mom [sic] u r not going to like this!' she wrote on the photo.

The widowed mother of four ironically drives a Toyota, but said she saw several other Kluger advertisements that made comparisons between mums and dads.

'We’re more progressive than that, this is 2016. And I do black runs, bad,' she said.

A Toyota spokeswoman said the company had since removed the advertisement to make room for a new campaign, and did not intend to cause offence.

'We simply wanted to highlight that Thredbo, much like the Kluger, has something for everyone,' she told The Daily Telegraph.



Anonymous said...

Some women want to be equal except when they want special consideration because they are female.

Bird of Paradise said...

Ho boy the whining never stops when it comes to the Liberals their always whining about something they see as offensive