Thursday, December 31, 2015

This is the Biggest Threat to Free Speech in America

Free speech is increasingly under attack in America. Ironically, it comes from a political movement that only a few months ago was fighting for “equality” and “freedom.”

The gay rights movement has become an opponent of free speech and freedom of association. The latest example of this comes from a Reason magazine write up of The Atlantic’s recent LGBT summit in Washington.

Besides the conviction that someone's right to shop for cake anywhere trumps someone else's freedom of conscience, here's some other conventional wisdom gleaned from the summit:

Being "safe" means not just freedom from actual or threatened physical violence but also avoiding offensive or hurtful language.
[...]The urge to police people's language at the summit was also strong—comically so, at times.

During one Q&A session, an aggrieved audience member suggested panelists watch their use of the word "states" when referring to American land, as it was exclusionary to those who live in U.S. territories.

Homosexual and transgender activists not only want you to bake the cake, but they want to restrict any speech that does not tell them how great they are and how wonderful homosexuality is. So much for “freedom” and “equality.”

Attendees of the summit was also concerned with the lack of “transgender representation” on a panel dealing with transgender rights. This is despite the fact that there are no transgender members of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, ACLU, or other groups represented at the event.

Finally, the summit attendees and those participating on social media showed a willingness to steamroll over religious freedom and freedom of conscience in the name of “equality.”

If you think that this cannot be legislated, you’re mistaken. The nation’s largest city has already adopted speech codes that requires employers to call transgender employees their preferred gender. The New York City Commission on Human Rights has issued a ruling that employers who do not call transgender people by their preferred pronouns and not allowing them to use their preferred gender’s bathroom is gender discrimination. Employers can be penalized even if the transgender employee does not change their name or undergo a sex change surgery. How much could an employer be fined? Up to $250,000 per violation.

What’s been hitting the college campuses for years is now finally coming into mainstream society. That’s bad news for anyone who values free speech and freedom of thought.  Source: AAN



Anonymous said...

Political Correctness is becoming more ridiculous all the time.
Weird minorities want to set rules for the vast majority of normal people.

Bird of Paradise said...

Poltical Correctness is just another word for Socialism Im sure Stalin,Mao and Lenin would approove of it by 100%

Anonymous said...

George Orwell is not laughing, he is crying. So it begins!!

Use the Name, Luke said...

The source I heard about this from (he was reading an article) said that they spent the vast majority of the panel time arguing over their hypersensitive complaints, leaving almost no time for the topic the panel was supposed to address.

I couldn't help but enjoy the schadenfreude over their enjoyment of the fruits of their own tactics.

Anonymous said...

George Orwell is dead.